Why a No Go Rising Sun Puppy?

Healthy and socialized puppies

Growing up in family

Our puppies grow up with us as a family. They get all the attention and love. They spend their first weeks with us in our special puppy area that is placed in our house where we provide them all the care they need. Then they begin to get acquainted with the yard, people, and other dogs and animals like horses, cats, alpaca’s,…

Socialization and training

We pay great attention to socialization, accustoming puppies from the first day to various sounds, new situations as well as new people. In the early days, we begin with the potty training on the puppy toilet in combination with outdoor potty training. Later on, in the training process, they will get used to walking on a leash with a collar.

We learn puppies to go in a (travel)kennel and they drive several times in a car. From the first day, we keep track of their development and temperament to connect an ideal puppy with the right owner so that they can both enjoy a long and happy life together! (So except show/ breeding dogs, we make the choice).

Breeding standards

We breed according to the Kennel Club regulations. The health of the mother dog is our priority. Because of this, we only breed 3 times with a female dog in her whole life and we try to let 2 years in between 2 litters of the same mother.

Weekly puppy update

We send every week a bunch of pictures and videos with an update to the new owners to follow up on your Thai Bangkaew dog puppy.

Puppies are ready for a new home at the age of 8 weeks/15 weeks. At that age, they got chipped and their first puppy vaccinations (this will be completed at the age of 12 weeks when they get their last shot of the Rabies vaccination).

Also, all our puppies will be completely dewormed before departure. Taking the puppy is done in our kennel except if there is another agreement between the breeder and the new owner.

Puppy Kit and advices

Our Thai Bangkaew puppies go to a new home with:
– European passport,
– Pedigree (delivered when ready)
– DNA Analysis
– Contract
– Puppy package – food, brush, a vet bed from the litter box (with smell, small one), leash, vet bed, and an exclusive puppy package from Panzipet Benelux.

What did our puppy owners say about us?

It’s great to have a breeder who doesn’t just sell a dog, but also helps us, informs us, and answers all our questions.


We are super happy with our Thai Bankgaew female. You made the perfect choice, she fits perfectly into our family.


Quby made me love the Thai Bangkaew breed, so I even took a second one, of course, again from Sharon and Thomas.


Lovely people who helped me with the whole process needed to export my Thai Bangkaew puppy to our home in Finland.


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