How to get a No Go Rising Sun puppy?

The process

Contact us

To start off the whole process, we would like you to contact us directly by phone call or through our contact form.

After a short conversation, we ask the future owner to visit us.

Contact form

Visit us

After making an appointment by phone or email, you are able to meet us and the dog pack. The future owner can ask a bunch of questions about the breed and puppies.

After our approval, you can become the future owner of one of our Thai Bangkaew dog puppies. We will give you a notice and start up the procedure to get you to the waiting list.

For foreign people who are not able to come, we make an appointment through a video call.


To finalize this process we ask you to pay the deposit of €500. After the payment is done you can be sure of getting a Thai Bangkaew dog puppy from us. We assume when people pay the deposit they have thought about their action very well to make this commitment between us, so please be aware that the deposit is not refundable.

The choice of puppies is done according to the order of the booked reservation and according to our recommendation. If the situation occurs that the available puppy is not your choice in parents or it is bad timing it will be no problem to keep you on the list for the next occasion.

Contact us

For any inquiries or questions get in touch with us! We are friendly and love to communicate!
Fill out our contact form and we will respond to you quickly!