Thai Bangkaew Dog

Developed roughly a hundred years ago within Thailand, the Thai Bangkaew Dog is popular in its homeland but rarely spotted anywhere else in the world. While most often seen as a family pet, they are also used extensively as both watchdogs and very successful guard dogs.

Fearless and confident, this breed is known for their dominant nature and the loyalty that they show towards their owners.

Thai Bangkaew Puppies

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What did our puppy owners say about us?

It’s great to have a breeder who doesn’t just sell a dog, but also helps us, informs us, and answers all our questions.


We are super happy with our Thai Bankgaew female. You made the perfect choice, she fits perfectly into our family.


Quby made me love the Thai Bangkaew breed, so I even took a second one, of course, again from Sharon and Thomas.


Lovely people who helped me with the whole process needed to export my Thai Bangkaew puppy to our home in Finland.


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